Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday, 9 Oct. 2009

Okay, so I skipped yesteray's posting because there wasn't really much to say. Mostly that Dad got pneumonia (ha, I can spell that without looking it up, very sad...) and was in a great deal of pain.

Today, he's still in both conditions, but he's also somehow doing better--perhaps the meds kicked in or something, I'm not sure. Anyway, Mom was telling me about what happened when Steph walked in.

Dad had said something to the gist of, "Oh man, now what?"

Steph didn't think Dad recognized her, since she was in scrubs. But when Mom asked him, "Tim, do you know who this is?" Dad replied (and gave her a look), "It's Stephanie, our daughter." That made Steph feel much better.

At some point they got to the subject of me (yawn-inciting subject, I know) being sick, and Dad was mad at Mom for not being home with me and making sure I'm okay. Since I was watching two 4-year-old kids, no, I wasn't okay, but it had nothing to do with being sick. They got to talking about it, and at some point Dad was like, "Okay, I'm ready to go."

Steph and Mom were confused. "Go where, Tim?" asked Mom.

"Go home," said Dad. Both Mom and Steph were all over him, pressing him back, telling him he was sick (stuff that isn't any different than before, really).

But Dad really got mad at Mom this time... Even Steph saw it, and said, "Mom, you're going to be in soo much trouble when you (both) get home."

Anyway, that's what happened with Dad, so far this day. Mom also had a conversation with the doctors, telling us that Dad has disintergrating heart valves, and that he would need further surgery. The only thing is, they want to move him to (some Saint hosptial in) L. A. Since he has pneumonia, they kind of want to hold off transporting him until he's stronger, so the specific "When this will happen" is still up in the air.

Mom mentioned Dad's doing better, restraints are off and all, but he also is coughing up blood. The nurses reassured her that that's normal, but Mom sort of wanted to panick.... Lucky they were there before she could.

I'm going to stop this here, and see if more comes up later....

- Kim

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