Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, 12 Oct. 2009

Let's try this a different way, shall we?  --- Nearly 2 o'clock. ---

Mom went to peek in on Dad before we went out for food. She said that he'd seen her and beckoned her into his room with his hand. She went in and spoke with him and then she came back to the waiting room. She said he wanted to see me. We go in, and Dad's sitting there, sort of looking about.

He said, "Hi Kim." Which, yeah, made me feel a bit better. Then Mom asked him how old he was. He said, in his not-quite-truthful tone, "Twenty." Then Mom said, "What about 54?" and he said, "Naw, 74." It was a bit strange, though.

But then he got a bit side-tracked, and I think he actually believed he was twenty. He decided the year was 1974 (he would've been 19-ish). Mom tried to tell him I was twenty, and then he started mumbling things. He did say, clearly, that he wanted her to cut off his bonds, and that he wanted to go rest [at home, I'm thinking].

When she asked if he knew if she was his wife, he said, "Yeah. I don't care. You've got to finish it." He was quite angry about it, too.

"It" turned out to be "the swimming"--all of this coming painfully slowly from Dad's frusteratingly slow and inconsistent words. He was getting mad, then, and tried to get up out of his bed to go rest. Mom decided we should go--which is what I'd been trying to tell her for a few minutes--and she promised him that she'd finish the swimming. He seemed calmer at that, but he stilll tried to get up a bit later.

Mom informed his nurse of his condition, and we left her to calm him down as we went down to the cafeteria to [not] eat.

Also; Mom spoke with the doctors a bit earlier. They said that Dad has blood clots in both lungs, which means surgery might not happen on Wednesday--they have to clear those out first. On the other hand, the doctor also said--or implied, according to Robbie--that the blood clots could have been mistaken for the tears in the heart. This means surgery, or at least, surgery to replace the heart valves, might not be necessary.

One last note; Mom just came in with news from the doctor. Dad's lung (I think just one) is being filled up quickly with fluid (blood). She had to sign a release form, and they put a tube down into his lung to drain it out.

- Kim

Mom and I went bright and early to see Dad this morning. Right now I'm actually at USC Hospital, using their internet to access this blog, so I can keep this thing up to date pretty well today.

So, we got here about the same time as my brother, Rob, and his wife, Tiff, got here. They let Mom and I go in first, and Dad was sleeping quietly at first. Mom woke him up with a bright, "Hi Honey," and his eyes popped open wide.

He said, "Oh, Hi Honey." But when Mom asked him if he knew who I was, Dad thought I was a grandkid. Oops. Mom blamed it on my fedora (which is a hat), but hey, I've been wearing it for at least a year.

Anyway, we had to go out as the doctors checked him over, and then we went back in--Mom taking off my hat as we did. He kind of recognized me then, but Mom says he thought I looked too big. If we got the year right (for him) I would be about 15, and so, yeah, I have actually grown a bit since then (shocking, I know).

We left before long so Rob and Tiff could see him. Robbie said that Dad was trying to be sneaky again.

Tiff said it started off with Robbie mentioning his new car--some convertable thing or other--and Dad was ready to get up and go. I think they said he was looking around for Mom, as if making sure they could get away with it. And then Rob was like, "Not yet Pop."

Dad grumbled, and took his hand away from Rob. Then, very slowly, he began to sneak his hand over to pull something out as Rob and Tiff went back to talking to him. Rob snatched it back and was like, "No, Pop, you can't get out yet, you got to get better."

Dad did then what all good parents do--he gave Rob the guilt-inducing look. Rob felt very bad, and was still moping about it when he and Tiff got back to the waiting room.

Now I'm taking a break, and will probably be back on before to much longer (it's very boring here).

- Kim

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