Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, 19 Oct. 2009

Dad did good today. Mom got a scare when the doctors wanted her to come down and talk to them in person, and Steph went with her. When they got there, Dad made a hand gesture as if "Where've you been?"

It took some time for the doctors to talk to Mom, and it turned out that the nurse had misheard the doctor--telling Mom they wanted to speak to her face-to-face, instead all the doctor said was something like, "I can't really talk right now, if/when she comes in later, I'll talk to her face-to-face then." (*roll the eyes* people, roll the eyes....)

Dad also said, "Where's Kim?" Mom explained I had a test, and he was okay with that. Later, though, he didn't recognize Mom--this was after therapy, and when Mom told him she was his wife going on 19 years, he said, "I wish I could remember." Some time later, he did, recognizing Mom again before she left for the day.

- Kim

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