Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday, 10 Oct. 2009

Today Dad's getting a biopsy on his lungs to see what's going on in there. He's having difficulty breathing, and might get the tube down his throat (and possibily into his lungs) again. They've finally given him Nicotine patches, which Steph says is about time; Mom says the patches have calmed him down.

So far this is all I have to report; I realize these things are getting short, but without first hand experiences (by me or told to me) I cannot go into detail. And since I can't go see Dad as ill as I am..... This is what we get. (*sighs*)

--- For those who read this blog earlier, those words were apparently incorrect. ---

Dad's heart valves are still deterioriating, and blood is now seeping from there into his lungs. He definitely needs surgery now, and will be being transported sometime today or tomorrow. Right now Dr. Gill is trying to find a hospital that will accept him, but so far they all claim he is too high a risk.

That's it. Keep checking this post and my facebook for further updates; I'll try to keep it as current as I can.

--- Last update for Today. ---

It looks like Dad's going to transfer sometime tomorrow morning. Mom's not sure where, but the when is more or less set. I'll post tomorrow, hopefully as soon as I know the locale.

- Kim

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