Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, 17 Oct. 2009

Overall, Dad's getting better. He's eating, talking (limitedly, but still, talking), smiling and laughing. He goes in and out of being "here"--sometimes recognizing the people around him, sometimes he doesn't. His appetites generally good, and while he does look ill right now, his coloring is better and his gaze sharper (though not what it was).

Yesterday Mom and I went to visit him and got there just before his dinner. Mom fed it to him, and while he didn't eat much, the nurse said he'd eaten every bit of his lunch, and might therefore be still full. Also, I think it was matter of what they were feeding him. He's still on a liquid diet, so his food looked like stage one baby food. They gave him spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken noddle soup, Jell-O, custard sauce, juice and coffee for dinner. Mom didn't give him any coffee, only juice (which he drank all of), and Dad was done by the time he'd eaten half the Jell-O and a few bites of the spaghetti and the soup; I personally didn't like the smell of the stuff, and I doubt the taste was any better.... (^_^)

Afterward, Mom showed him a picture of Dad and Nicole together. When she asked him if he knew who Nicole was, he nodded and smiled a bit. She then told him Nicole said she wanted her Grandpa home now. He chuckled a little.

We talked to him for a bit, but eventually he got tired. He told us he was tired, and Mom asked him if he wanted us to go home. He nodded his head wearily. So we left, Mom promising him to be there in the morning.

This a good example of what he's been like for the past few days, and it's my own first-hand account. Still, there's not much change, and no further word on any tests. The doctors are talking to Mom about sending him to a rehab center near our home, and then eventually letting him go home to recuperate fully until surgery (which could be a year from now; then again, they're also still debating on doing it sooner). They have medications to keep the valve disentergration in check long enough for Dad to build up his strength. Once they have the results of further testing, I believe we'll know which course they'd prefer to take. And, of course, I'll post it up here as soon as I know.

- Kim

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