Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, 11 Oct. 2009

Supposedly, Dad is going to be transported sometime this morning. We'll see in the next half-hour or so...

They'd said he was going to be transported at 10 o'clock, but Mom's still filling out paperwork, and [they] are still getting Dad ready, or getting things ready for Dad...

It's still USC Hospital, though. Mom's going to be driving herself down, and I think Tracey's going with her in case they drive back late.

That's all I know right now. I'll get back on here as soon as I hear more.

- Kim

--- Nearly 2 o'clock. ---

So, Dad made it to the hospital. Mom and Tracey are there as well, and Dad's getting a CAT- Scan check up. Can't say much more on the subject just now, soo.... signing off again...

- Kim

--- About 6:15pm. ---

Dad's undergoing a bunch of testing today. They decided to do the surgery on Wednesday; Dr. Gill and another doctor are going to be there tomorrow, looking stuff over. I doubt there'll be further updates today, but if there is, I will try to it today or first thing tomorrow.

- Kim

--- About 11:20pm. ---

One last memo. By all accounts, Dad's getting better. Lancaster Community Hospital apparently doped him up too much on the morphine, and USC is now flushing the drug out of his system. The result is a more lucid and, yup, wise-cracking Dad. Joyful.... no, really, though, yay! ^-^

I'm not sure the order of events, but these are the things I know happened.

Aunt Sandi (Dad's sister) peeked her head into his room to visit. He gives a bit of a shrug/nod in acknowledgement. Aunt Sandi asked him if he knew who she was. Mom said Dad grumbled a bit, and said, "Ah, Craig...?" very sarcastically. She also added that he rolled his eyes and smirked a bit.

Everyone laughed at that one.

Next, he tried to get Tracey to untie him. She wasn't about to do that, and was kind of like, "Uh, I don't think they want you unrestraint. You have to stay here..." blah blah. He's up to his usual antics again.

Finally, he told Mom he loved her. Yup, mushy stuff, but it all collects into one big good chuck of good news. Mom said she wasn't sure she heard him right, and when she was like, "What?" he said it again, "I love you, Honey." She admitted to crying then, on his chest and all. I'm not sure what, if much of anything happened after that. Mom got sidetracked (something not unusual, of course) in her story-telling.

He kind of knows what happened, but Mom didn't tell him that he has surgery on Wednesday. She did mention his first surgery and his pneumonia, which he seemed to take it in--not that it stopped him from wanting to come home. Mom said he kept asking his nurse, Rudy, if he could go home. Hah.

So, that's the end of this day. Now we just wait and see what tomorrow will bring.

- Kim

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