Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, 25 Oct. 2009

Woot! Dad's doing better everyday. Yesterday he got his catheter out, and his oxygen taken off. His memory is still jumbled and his letters are still weird, but his attitude is all Dad. ^-^

He remembered that we had two dogs. But then he thought it was three dogs. Then back to two. He couldn't remember any names. He did know we had two cats, but we didn't ask him their names (since we haven't had them that long).

Mom asked him if she should get a cover for the pool this year, and he asked her what kind of pool we got. We've live in our house ten years, and (well, Mom and Dad) bought it with the in-ground pool. Still, like I said, his mind is jumbled. Anyway, she said it was in-ground, and Dad tried to remember, but couldn't. She suggested bringing some photos of it to show him, and he agreed to that.

So guess what I get to do? ^_^  Anyway, he also asked Mom for some things the day before, stuff to exercise his arms and mind. Mom gave him a two-pound weight to lift, and a Fill-In word puzzle. He did both, but got a headache after the Fill-In (though he'd just gotten a breathing treatment, too) and got tired fairly quickly after lifting it with his right hand a bit. Still, progress.

Today Mom said he was improving more and more, though he got "Loopy" when given Vicodin. She'd suggested Tylenol, but I guess they didn't realize how much the meds would affect Dad.

Anyway, things are looking up. Keep up the prayers and well-wishes, and we'll be getting out of this sooner than most consider possible. ^-^


- Kim

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