Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday 2 Oct. 2009

So, today’s progress is much the same. As of right now, there’s no word on the CAT-Scan, since most of you want to know about that first.
Mom told me Dad’s more active, and more intent on escape. He’s pinched, punched, and even kicked Mom in his effort to get out of bed, and I doubt the nurses fare much better.

Still, Steph told me when she walked in today that he smiled at her.

His communication is getting better. He tells them that he has to go pee, and he wants the bathroom. Mom informed him he had the catheter, but he didn’t want that, he wanted the bathroom. Eventually he gave in, but it was with obvious great reluctance.

He asked for food (said he wanted to “Eat”). He’s on a liquid diet, so only soup, juice, jell-o, and ice cream. Mom said he ate really well, and behaved as long as he was hungry.

Still, he did grow difficult yet again. At some point, Mom asked if I could go to the hospital to see Dad, to see if I would calm him down.

It seems I did, the nurse said so, Grandma, Grandpa, and Mom agreeing with her. He was still fairly active, and always trying to get out of bed. But the reason for that became obvious as Dad tried to tell me something.

The first clear words I’d heard Dad speak to me since Sunday (before the surgery) were “I have to lock up the back door.” They weren’t very clear, but that seemed to be the gist. I told him I did it, that it was locked.

Then he became a bit more agitated, nothing like he is with Mom, though, but quite insistent about it. Mom asked him what he wanted. This generally gives him pause, and makes him think. Finally, Dad said to me that he had to go potty (#2).

He was still firmly restrained, though there was no longer any board. His right arm had begun moving more today, though they didn’t restrain that. It gave Dad the ability to swing that arm around (uncontrollably, but still) and he used it to his advantage in his fight to escape. His only choice to go potty was to go in the bed. He didn’t want to, AT ALL.

I couldn’t argue with Dad all day unfortunately. I had to leave, but Mom told me he eventually went four times, (probably complaining and protesting the whole time). At some point they placed a bin under him, and to me I figure he’s more comfortable with that.

When Mom went back after lunch, she said the nurses mentioned that he'd been calling for his "Honey" nearly constantly, and [the nurse] even said to Dad "Here's your Honey."

Mom said he ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Come evening, he’d been asleep when Mom went back in (probably after a short break) and the nurses wanted him to stay that way. So she stayed mostly hidden seated behind him and kept really quiet. He woke to eat, and tried to figure out who was behind him, but behaved when he only heard the nurses’ voices. Afterwards, they told him to sleep, and he did, Mom still silent behind him.

Mom had to leave without hearing any word about the CAT-Scan, but will return early tomorrow morning for news.

- Kim

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