Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday 4 Oct. 2009

Mom went to see Dad early this morning. She said he saw her and said “Hi Honey” really brightly. He was eating his breakfast and behaving pretty well.

No one’s really told me what happened after that, so I’m skipping some hours.

Mom had come home by this time, and Rob and Tiff came over to our house with their kids to visit a bit. They’d also come by to help around the house some.

I went with Rob, Tiff, and Taylor to see Dad. I told the nurse, who was familiar with me, that we would be really quick. She let the four of us in, and we saw that Grandma and Grandpa were already there as well (it’s only supposed to be 2 visitors at a time). I’d also asked for a mask, since I seem to be stubbornly sick.

Grandpa left, but Grandma didn’t. Rob and I went to Dad, so that he could see us. Grandma kept saying, “Here’s Kim, here’s Kim. Do you know who this is? Do you know who’s on the other side? That’s Rob, Rob’s over there.” She never really gave Dad enough time to answer, but even she ran of repetitive questions eventually.

When Tiff and Tay said “Hi” to Dad, Dad replied with a normal, “Hello.” It was great. He’d also managed to smile (Rob describes it as “his shitty grin”) at Rob in recognition. He couldn’t get the name, but he knew who Rob was.

Dad mumbled some stuff to us, in response to our questions as well as Grandma’s—one of the clearer things he said was “So it’s the black and blue.” We aren’t sure what he meant, though Tiff, Tay, and I were wearing black and blue shirts. At the same time, he was staring at the ceiling as he said this, and there wasn’t anything black and blue up there.

A lot of the time Dad said “Oh, okay,” as if agreeing with whatever comment or remark we made. Some of our talk was generic (e.g.: how you feeling) but Rob asked Dad about some sports, and Grandma followed suit.

Then Grandma repeatedly asked him whether he liked the Raiders or not. Dad smirked, the left side of his lip tilting up ironically. His mouth worked hard at a word, and we waited for him to say it. Did Dad like the Raiders? “Occasionally,” he finally admits. Hah.

Rob crows in excited success. He asked Dad if he really liked the 49ers, and Dad did his shitty smirk again.

Dad got a bit tired then, and closed his eyes for the most part.

I asked him if he were tired, and he nodded his head yes. Then Grandma mentioned his lunch was coming, so I told Dad his food was coming and asked him if he was hungry. His eyes popped open wide and he looked around the room blearily. We all took this to mean he was hungry, and laughed lightly.

We decided to go, since Dad admitted to being tired and since his food was on the way. I told Dad we were going, and I think he would’ve said “Oh, Okay” again, and perhaps even “Bye” but Grandma started talking again, and I think Dad lost his trail of thought.

I even mentioned in the room how he needed time to gather his words together. Still, Dad’s impatience obviously came from somewhere. We left for home.

I went back with Mom a couple hours later, and Grandma and Grandpa were still there. Dad had just fallen asleep, and I left the room since I am sick and don’t want to give him anything. Grandpa joined me in the lobby not too long afterwards, Grandma and Mom following sometime after him. We decided to get some drinks and snacks at the cafeteria just to pass the time.

Eventually we went back to Dad, but he was still sawing off some Zs, though by then he’d been out about an hour. Since we all considered that a good thing, everyone decided to go home for the night.

Mom called about 6:00pm, and was told Dad was up and eating. She’d planned on going down to see him if he woke up, but she put her shoes on, laid back in bed a moment—and fell into sleep.

I doubt any more will be done today, though I figure Mom will be over at the hospital bright and early tomorrow morning yet again.

- Kim

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