Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday 1 Oct. 2009

Mom gets into the hospital about seven in the morning, only to find out that Dad had pulled out the tube in the center of his chest [at around 5am]. The hospital staff’s response: well, it was going to come out anyway.

Again he struggled, fought, was difficult. At one point, he demanded to go home, but Mom said no. Then he said, “I mad at you” and she replied, “Well, that’s fine, because I’m mad at you, too.”

The nurses were smiling slightly, Mom says, and she also said Dad thought over what she said. Then he puckered his lips for another kiss. Mom said, “Oh, no, you’re being bad, I’m not kissing you.” But he insisted. Mom gave in and was relieved—he kissed her back this time.

Later, Tracey went in, saying, “Hi Pop” and he turned towards her and smiled.

When Mom and I went back after dinner, the nurse told us that Dad had been clearer for a bit with Grandma and Grandpa. He’d sat up and looked towards them, smiling slightly. The nurse even mentioned that Grandma and Grandpa seemed the better for that moment.

He’d been strapped to a board placed between him and the bed, his legs bound with one strip of cloth, his chest another—with a lot of padding between him and the cords. His left arm was still bound, though his right had been left free since he still doesn’t really move it. Both legs were firmly tied.

He was fairly quiet when I was there, as compared to the other times of the day. Still, nothing I said calmed him down this time, and he continuously pulled on the restraints. I say continuously, but mean, he pulled hard, took a break to gather his strength and breath, and then pulled some more.

We didn’t stay long that time, since it was clear we aggravated him [by not taking him home]. The chest x-rays had come back, clear—nothing wrong in that area. Tomorrow, at 7:30am, Dad’s getting a CAT-Scan, and Mom’s already planning on being there.

Sorry it took so long to get to this up.

- Kim

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