Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday 7 Oct. 2009

Dad's doing much better. He's coherent, almost the same as Tuesday, and he's eating again. His hands are restrained and he's still got the oxygen mask on, but (I say) one explains the other (you know he'd pull the mask off otherwise...).

He'd had breakfast by the time I'd gotten to the hospital (some time after my classes, which was about 12:30pm). His boss, Steve, and co-worker/long time friend, Jesse, were in visiting with him. When they came out, the said he'd tried to say something to them, but they'd been unable to make out his words through the mask.

Mom and I went in to see Dad once the guys had taken their leave. His breathing is definitely labored, and he looks very tired, but otherwise appeared alert. While we were there, his lunch came, so they put him on the oxygen thing with the nose... (yup, I'm not medical personale)... and hand fed him lunch. He ate quickly, and was clearly very thirsty. He couldn't talk too much probably because of that dry throat, but he nodded and shook his head easily enough.

I'd just come from school, so I began to get hungry myself (^-^). When I told Dad I was going to go home and get some food myself, he finally mustered a "Oh, Okay." Hah! I said (laughing a bit) something about this being his standard reply.

Mom had stayed to wait for him to finish his lunch, but she got home not long after me. She said she'd asked him about the pool's filter, describing the leak to him. He said, "Yeah." She asked something about what device she had to, and he said, "Honey, you need a gasket." Even the nurse lady feeding him got excited about his realizing what we needed.

After she returned a few hours latter, she said Dad had had dinner. He'd been relaxed and "there" enough to not strong too much. When he got tired, he said was going to sleep. Mom asked him what he wanted her to do (stay or go) and he said, "Go home. Back?" Mom said, "I can go home and come back in the morning...?" Dad nodded to this, and that's what Mom decided to do.

Now we just need him alert enough to give him all his birthday presents.... ^-^

- Kim

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