Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday 6 Oct. 2009

So, Mom goes shopping early this morning, getting Dad several things for his B-day. A Connect Four game, some car magazines, words puzzles—all the stuff Dad likes to entertain himself with.

She makes up his b-day bag and walks into the CCU expecting his "Hi Honey" once she got to his room. Instead, the nurses inform her that he went into congestive heart-failure at about 4:00 this morning and when she saw him, she said he looked worse than he did after surgery.

After some running around to get my friend to watch an ill Nicole and Gavin, and to pick up Taylor and Alyssa from school early, Mom and I were finally able to get back to the hospital.

When we got to the CCU doors, Grandma and Grandpa were sitting outside them, and a lady in a lab coat was talking to them (probably a doctor, or one in training; she didn't seem to be as assured as even new doctors are). She told Mom that congestive heart failure is not uncommon after heart surgery, and that he was responding very well to medication. Within a twenty-four hour period, Dad's condition should improve (provided he keeps responding to the meds) and one way or another, the next steps can't be decided until the morning.

I saw Dad very briefly, and he was resting quietly for once. Mom decreed that Dad get only sparse visits because he tends to want to go home when he sees people he knows.

Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, and I sat and wasted time in the lobby. After awhile, Mom and I went outside to walk around and update people. There, Grandma found me and sent me to go with Grandpa to put Dad's balloons in his room (the nurses said it was okay).

I went in and said "Hi Dad"—squeaky voice (meh). I shoved the balloons in a corner and said, "Happy Birthday, Dad."

He responded. "Oh, thank you," I made out through the oxygen mask he had on again.

His body shook from the pain the nurses had told me about. They were going to give him meds, so Grandpa and I left to give him time to relax (and let the meds take hold). Also, it was pretty clear he was Hurting.

Shortly after, Mom finished her phone calls and talking to Steph and Tracey. She decided to take a quick peak at Dad.

She said he was sound asleep. They finally got him out. Yay!

We decided to go home some time after that, since we couldn't do much more than sit around.

One final thing I would add. Aunt Sandi got a hold of a friend who is a retired heart surgeon. He said that this was all {something like routine, though just because it can happen, doesn't mean it will happen} and that Dad was a miracle. His chances of surviving that surgery had been 3-5%, and technically (according to this retired Dr.) Dad shouldn't have lived. Instead, he managed to walk nine days after surgery. Huh; I guess we're getting the fast pace recovery we all want, and just don't realize it.....

- Kim

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