Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, 14 Oct. 2009

Mom got Dad's MRI results; turns out he actually might have had a couple of (not just one like we thought before) minor strokes, but that would be back at Lancaster Community Hospital. They were definitely in the left side of his brain, hence his difficulty with his right arm. Everything else seemed okay, though.

The nurse told Mom that when she asked Dad some questions, he was in the year 2007. And then when she asked him again later, it was 2008. So, he's getting closer to the present, anyway. Mom herself doesn't really talk to him, since they're either testing him or he's resting.

Mom actually came home early today, in time to eat dinner with us. Yay! She's going to work tomorrow, but will probably head to the hospital right after her work ends.

I'm getting a lot less to write about now; I think I'm going to skip days unless something specific happens or changes. Right now the only thing we can really do is take it day by day.

- Kim

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