Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday, 21 Oct. 2009

When Mom and I walked into Dad's room, he was sitting up in a chair beside his hospital bed. His eyes were wide awake, aware even, and he definitely knew who we were.

We'd gotten there as he was eating his breakfast, and he'd already eaten most of his omelet. He then proceeded to drink all of his orange juice, and then dug into the fruit (I'm not sure if it was peaches or oranges, but something like that) with gusto. Sliced into the regular pieces that most people take two bites to eat, Dad speared two with his fork and stuffed them into his mouth. I tried to caution him that those bites were too big, but.... (*sigh*)

He then proceeded to drink everything within reach. He downed his milk, wanted his coffee--I dumped two creams in it as he prefers--and then kept slurping at his ice water, which only had his ice. They did give him some more water, but I know they didn't want to give him too much liquid just in case.

As he was eating (er, drinking, for the most part) the nurse asked him his last name, and he answered "Kawaguchi" easily enough. Then she asked him who I was, and he said, "Kimberly Kawaguchi." She looked at me to make sure. He thought the month was August, but when I said he'd just had his birthday, he realized it was October. He completely guess the year, saying it was 2031. Mom came back into the room (she'd had to have another potty break), and the nurse asked him who she was; he couldn't quite get her name out, but I think his brain was overworking that one.

Right when they were cleaning up his food tray, my brother and sister from PA came into his room. He knew who they were when asked, but instead of continuing the nod he started, he stopped that and said, "Nah," instead. Everyone laughed.

My sister showed him pictures of her three kids, and while he knew them, he was clearly surprised at how big they were and how old they appeared.

I left to let my grandparents have some time with him, and the next I knew was when everyone was asked out for them to take out the drainage tube in his lung. Dad's long-time friend, Kevin, arrived at this point.

Once people were let back in, my brother Craig and I went in to see him, and saw that he was undergoing some speech therapy. The lady was just asking him who we were when I said "Hi Dad." The lady then said, "Well, she just told you now." Then she asked who Craig was, and he said his name.

Our sister Steph (this one is from Pennslyvania... again, don't ask) came in at that point; they wanted to say goodbye before they left for the lunch date they had with our uncle. Mom and Kevin came in as soon as Craig and Steph took their leave, and though Steph left quickly, Craig loitered and shook Dad's hand on the way out when Dad made the first gesture.
The lady therapist said he was doing okay, talking clearly, but when you asked him what an object was, he kind of got confused. We saw it ourselves when she asked him what was on his feet (socks). His first answer was plastic, but when she said the worded start with an S, he got it.

There were other such things, but he knew my name (calling me "Kimberly" this time), and counting from one to ten. He didn't know all the objects when asked, and couldn't always remember even when told. Another of the [tests/games] he had to do was finish the saying.

The first one the lady tried was, "The grass is always greener...?" And Dad answered, "On the other side." He got "Never place all your eggs in one...?" Basket was the answer he couldn't get. But he got these: "Two bird of a feather...?" "Flock together." And "Kill two birds..." "With one stone."

Next the lady wanted to see if he could write.

His first try was the closest, spelling his name "T I R M." His second was weirder, and eventually he got too tried to try. The lady tried different ways, including spelling it for him and then writing it big, but he kept writing down Rs, but he has none in his entire name.... >_<

After that he was tired, and wanted to sleep, but his nurse wanted him to eat his lunch first. It came late, and while she told him if it wasn't there by 1:15pm, it came at 1:16pm, and he (not really patiently) waited that one minute. Oh, and was watching the clock very closely, and proved that he could tell the time.

Kevin left about this time, and Dad tried to shake his hand, but couldn't since his was stuck behind the tray. Once he ate (mostly just the turkey, and all of his pudding) he wanted to sleep. They helped him into bed. He slept well for a couple hours, until the x-ray guy came by. By this time, my grandparents, sister, brother and his family came back.

They went up to see him (I volunteered to stay with the baby, having already seen him eat twice today). I had to go up anyway because they said he asked for me. But when I got there he was already eating and didn't appear to really notice my appearance soo..... (^-^)

Anyway, I noticed he was eating his meat and veggies, but leaving the rice alone. He ate a bit of his soup (chicken noodle) but then a bite of his meat and veggies caused him to cough. Mom and Craig were all set to get the nurse, but he was still coughing (and it was clearing up) and his breathing ratings were holding steady. He didn't want anything else, including the bit of [cake/pie], but when Mom held up a container of vanilla ice cream, he went "Yumm..." Everyone laughed and Mom opened it to spoon it to him.

At that point I decided I'd seen him eat often enough to today {and I really wanted to finish this, due to technical difficulties} so I went back down to type on {Craig's} laptop. ^-^

I think that's all for today, and of course I'll update it further if I need to.

- Kim

Dad Today Sitting Up, Talking, and Laughing With Mom.

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