Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday 5 Oct. 2009

Hmm... Sorry people; didn't feel like writing yesterday...

So, Mom gets a call early in the morning. It's the hospital, calling to update Mom. The nurse said Dad thinks he's Long Beach; Mom figures that's an improvement since it's closer (than the North Pole). The nurse also mentioned that she asked Dad if he knew who he was, and he looked to his wrist band. The nurse corrected heself, saying, "Okay, without looking at your wrist band do you know who you are?" I never really got Dad's answer to that one....  Oh, and she said that Dad had sat up in the bed by himself.

Mom went down to see him, and he knew her immediately. He was the most coherent he'd been yet. Speaking pretty well, knowing people around him. He copped a feel twice from Mom (gross, I know) looking around sneakily for the nurses as he did so.

She asked him where he was, and he answered Lancaster. He knew our home address, and he even mentioned his birthday on the morrow.

Mom also made the (sort of) mistake of mentioning I was sick at home with a fever, which  is why I haven't visited him. Dad told her to go home and check up on me, to make sure I was okay. (*rolling my eyes*)

He did a second therapy session, and was actually able to manage a couple of baby steps. Mom had said he could go home as soon as he could walk; when she came back after this session, Dad was all, "Can we go home now?" Oops--doctor said there's a bit more to it than that.

Later, I was able to visit him (took some Tylenol to get my fever down). He was not as there as he was in the morning, but we think he was very tired after the double sessions. His responses were mostly restricting to "Oh, Okay" and "Sure". Not unusual, perhaps, but Dad had managed an actual sentence or two before....

We had to leave soon, but returned (a bit later than expected) that night.

He did a couple of things last night, but I'm going to have talk to Mom because I can't really remember them well. This incident I do remember....

We'd been watching football with him (okay, so he'd been kinda staring at the screen, Mom'd been staring at him, and I'd been reading, but....) when the game finished. He turned the TV off, and said he was going to bed. He tried to get up, glaring and muttering for Mom to help him. Mom didn't quite know what to do, and though (she says) she'd signaled me to get the nurses, I was still reading my book..... (^-^). A noise started going off as Dad levered himself up; this got my attention, and panicked Mom slightly--she was concerned he'd pulled something out. The nurse came in quickly, and turned the noise off--it was an alarm on the bed. They'd set an alarm on him, ha!

Anyway, Mom told Dad that he was in the hospital and had to stay there. He grumbled, but did, turning the TV back on as he laid back down. We left, though Mom with obvious reluctance. On to tomorrow....

{Today's update will come later; sorry again for not doing this, and sorry for any typos. I'm writing this as I watch 2 sick and fighting 4-year-olds soo..... Yeah, I'm going to look over this later...}

- Kim

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