Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, 20 Nov. 2009

Yesterday, Dad had his second heart surgery to repair, not replace, his mitral valve.

It began at 11:05am, and ended at 10:20pm. From seven hours of surgery (the first time) to eleven hours (the second), Dad has proven to be a miracle man yet again. Dr. Wang, the heart surgeon who worked on Dad, was tired but well pleased. He mentioned that he went back in a couple of times to be absolutely certain that the heart value looked right to him. That took another couple of hours right there.

Mom and Aunt Sandi saw him late last night, some two hours after surgery. Just as before, his limbs were swollen with blood flow, but this time it made him look normal. His color was good because of this as well, and both of them agreed he looked like Dad again.

Just a moment ago, we got word from Mom. She'd arrived at the hospital, and Dad knew who she was. That was all she said, and she hasn't answered any calls yet.

That's all I got, though I might be on later with more information.

- Kim

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