Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, 23 Nov. 2009

Today is Mom and Dad's anniversary. Happy Anniversary!!! ^-^

Dad's breathing tube was taken out, and he seems to be doing fine. They replaced the temporary pace maker with another temporary pace maker in fear of infection, but also just in case he doesn't need a permanent one. They're still fifty-fifty on that one.

Yesterday Mom had promised Dad she'd spend the night in the waiting room, and check up on him periodically. Today he told her (hoarsely) to "Go home" and I think it was because she appears so tired now-a-days. She also said he remembers the heart attack and the ambulance ride, but its still a bit fuzzy, and other things are off-kilter. He did ask to return to "our Valley" and she asked him if he wanted to be transfered. He said, "Yeah." She told him he had to get all the rest of the wires and whatnot out of him first, and that she was hoping he would be able to walk out of that hospital, which meant he was going to have to wait a bit. She also explained about how other hospitals had been unwilling to take him since he was such a high risk, but this hospital had. He mumbled something like agreement, probably his famed, "Okay."

That's everything for today.

- Kim

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