Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday, 1 Nov. 2009

{Today marks the fifth week Dad's been in a hospital.}

Sorry for not keeping up to date; life's just full of twists, turns, and tumbles it loves making you dodge. So, Dad is no longer at USC Univresity Hospital; he is now at Kindred Care Hospital in Cover City (I think... the hospital is the right name, anyway). He was moved Friday afternoon and has been there three days now.

By all accounts, the fact that he was able to be moved proves he is getting better. Friday, once the drugs wore off a bit after his dinner, Dad was able to get all the way through the alphabet. Might seem odd, but Mom was moved to tears. Dad couldn't figure out why.... ^-^

While his first day at Kindred did not go well in the slightest, Mom says they are treating him prefectly fine now, though I am unclear to the details of this care. She's been going early every day, and Dad's even asked her to stay [the night] with her, but Mom knew she couldn't do that. I'm sure the staff wouldn't have let her, anyway.

Dad still has an IV in his arm, but only sometimes has to use the oxygen tube (in his nose), and can go potty (both) on his own--in a canteen or bedpan, though. He still can't walk, but he has stood for a few minutes on his own. He's always asking, "When can I go home?"   Same old Dad.

That's about all there is to update. I'll try to keep up better, but I promise nothing (school's starting to kick into gear as finals and essays are coming up). *sigh*

- Kim

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