Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday, 19 Nov. 2009

Dad did great today. He was aware and alert, able to communicate to people what he wanted (for the most part) when he wanted it.

As yesterday, Dad mostly used his face and hands to communicate what he wanted. Mom had even more trouble understanding him today, but eventually the message got through. He was able to sit in the chair for an hour, almost an hour and a half, but he got dizzy and had to leave it a bit early. Still, he hadn't sat in the chair for a few days, so it was understandable. Once he got back in bed he was fine, vitals steady and normal, face no longer flushed.

Dad kept asking Mom when he would be coming home, and she suggested three weeks (she still thinks he won't remember most of what she says) but when he kept pressing the matter, Mom realized he would remember what she said at least for the day. When she found out that Dr. Wang was coming tomorrow to visit and talk to Dad, she then only said that Dr. Wang would tell both of them when he could go home. Dad was actually happy with that.

Dad then kicked us out (actually managing to say "Go home" in very hoarse tones) about two o'clock when he found out it would be raining later today, and that it might hit us on the drive home. We didn't dare argue with him in case we agitated him.

Mom's going to go up early tomorrow, since Dr. Wang was said to get their at about eight o'clock. We'll find out more then, I hope.

- Kim

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