Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday, 22 Nov. 2009

Dad sat in the chair for nearly four hours today. He dozed off a bit during that time, but did pretty well according to his nurse. He was moving his arms alright, and was even twitching his legs a bit, knocking them off the foot rest. When the nurse said to help her pull it back up, he strained his musle to lift; she was happy because yesterday he didn't really move his legs at all.

He wore his glasses of a time, and looked around at things. He still wants to come home, of course, but he seemed less agitated today. He did keep gesturing at the restraints, giving us looks like "Well, why aren't you taking them off already?" Mom lectured him about needing the restraints, because he would pull the things out of his body. Dad kind of shrug/nodded in agreement, as if saying "What else would I do, leave them in?"

He still has the breathing tube, they're slowly tapering him off that; they might take it out tomorrow, but we'll see. Dr. Wang is still impressed with Dad, and so are other people of the staff who worked on Dad during his surgery.

That two weeks to get home looks more and more promising. Now we just have to wait and seen, and watch Dad work his magic.

- Kim

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