Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday, 3 Nov. 2009

Today's Steph's birthday; tomorrow's mine. Both of us aren't particularly over joyed about this.

Yesterday Dad was moved from Kindred Hospital in Cover City to an elderly clinic in Lancaster, down where we live. I obstain from posting things about Kindred Hospital because this is a public blog, and I don't want to cause trouble--until Mom has a chance to do it properly. Suffice it to say, Dad was not getting the treatment he needed, and Mom (angry and upset, but cooly dangerous with it) insisted on him being moved.

The drive took three hours, and tired Dad out. Mom got a call this morning right before I went to class, and was asked if anyone had told her how severe Dad was. She described the valve, the chances given, and reiterated how USC Hospital kept saying they were sending him [to Kindred] to get stronger so he can come back and have his surgery. The response: "No one really told you how severe he was, then?" Mom agreed with a question in her tone.

Dad is still critical, he is not doing as well as we'd allow ourselves to think, and {Ken?} on the phone said he'd never seen anyone so young in such critical condition. Mom was asked some relevant questions, and then notified of some tests they wanted to do. She agreed, of course.

That was before class. When I came home, nearly two hours late due to school and need of gas, Steph greeted me with the news that Dad could have appendicitis, and that he might need surgery (to remove his appendix). If he needs it, the surgery could take place today at its soonest.

The doctor told Mom that if Dad needs this surgery, he might (more like probably) won't survive it. He is still weak, and at Kindred, nothing was done to improve his chances.

That's all I've heard so far. I will update this again once I know if he is going into surgery or not.

- Kim

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