Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday, 29 Dec. 2009

Dad's been giving some physical therapy in the past few days, and his medication has been lightened a bit. He's a bit more aware and alert, but Mom's not sure where his mind is. He hasn't been able to talk or answer questions beyond simple "yes" and "no" answers.

Both the hospital he is at, and the hospital that wants to accept him are trying to arrange for transport. The doctor's are working at it, but there is some difficulty with finding a room and the transport vehicle, as well as keeping Dad well enough to travel.

That's all that's been going on lately.

- Kim

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday, 22 Dec. 2009

Not much has been happening with Dad. He's still being sedated, though  Mom says he's not as bloated as he was.

For right now, the doctor's aren't saying much. They don't seem to know what to do with his pneumonia, and they seem to be focused on maybe transfering him to a different hospital yet again. His heart is doing fine, so they feel there isn't much more to be done there.

Mom is there with him today, but with the drugs in his system, Dad didn't do much more than peel his eyes open, smile at her, and drift back asleep again.

That's all there is to say.

- Kim

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday, 16 Dec. 2009

{Whoops, I let time fly by without realizing it....}

So, on Sunday, when Mom went to visit that day, the people put a voice thing in his Trache, allowing him to speak. Most patients don't last on that thing for longer than one minute, but Dad managed ten.... Mom was so excited. She said that he knew everything, where we live, what day it was, and other details like that.

Then the step back happened. By now, I have expected these, especially after days Dad has done well. They were slowly weaning him off his breathing machine, shutting the machine for an hour, than two, etc., and letting him breath on his own, but a little at a time. Then they decided to go for twenty-four hours, and afterwards, Dad had some respiratory problems.

Then on Monday, he was given something to help with his bowels--some build up had begun to happen there--which knocked him out for the rest of the day. Tuesday he was given a Morphine drip that kept him out for the majority of that day. Today, the Morphine was gone, but still in his system, and while he would respond to our voices and our presence, he would also regularly dose back into sleep. Not too bad, but it was a bit fusterating for Mom, who'd seen him so himself on Sunday.

He was the same by the time we left.

- Kim

So's here's Dad. He's a got his tummy back, but it's because he's not absorbing some water... Still, he looks a lot better, aside from his pasty complextion. Oh, and he doesn't have his mustache. ^-^

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday, 12 Dec. 2009

So Mom didn't go to visit Dad today because she promised the kids that she would stay home and decorate with us. But she did call the hospital, of course, and was informed that Dad had been moved from the coronary wing to the infectious disease wing because of the problems with his lungs. Apparently there is moisture, fungus, and who knows what else in there that they can't get rid of. In this new wing, that should change--in other words, they should know how to treat his lungs now.... >.<

As for Dad himself, I only know that yesterday he was slightly panicky, and sad because he thought Mom wouldn't come. He remembered something about when it rained it was dangerous for her to make the drive, and it was quite cloudy yesterday. But when the nurse mentioned how aggitated he was, Mom went down. Once she was there, I believe he was fine. He laughed a bit about how his grandson has chicken pox--he's been there himself, after all. Then again, we're beginning to wonder if he's acting the way he thinks he should, and doesn't actually understand or follow what is happening. But, we'll see.

Anyway, since Mom didn't go down today, we're not sure how Dad's behaving himself. At the same time, we know he's not doing badly, because there haven't been any hospital calls that suggest that.

Mom's definitely going down tomorrow (I'm thinking so long as the weather holds up), so I'll have more to post then. I'll even try to get her to take a camera, so I can get a picture. ^-^

- Kim

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday, 10 Dec. 2009

Dad's been doing good. His bowels moved yesterday, which is an odd thing to mention, but also a point of good news. He's still got the feeding tube, and the Trache, but as far as we know, they're both temporary.

He also got a shave yesterday. They got rid of his beard--and his mustache. Heh. Mom says he looks like a young man with white hair.... ^-^

I'll get a picture of him up as soon as I get one with good resolution. Camera phones don't quite cut it. He goes in and out of lucidity, but seems to lose it less and less often, and return much sooner than before.

I don't know if Mom's going to make it to the hospital tomorrow; it's raining now, and it's going to get cold... But we'll see. And then I'll post it. ^_^

- Kim

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday, 7 Dec. 2009

I visited Dad on Saturday, the day he sat in bed for five minutes straight, and forgot to mention that he not only knew my age, but also the current year were are in (2009). Yay!

Unfortunately, Dad didn't do so well yesterday. Mom says he was disoriented again, like before, and was unsure where he was, who she was, and that kind of same-ole, same-ole. His back was really hurting him for some reason, though.

He had a good sleep, but then they did dope him up for the night. Mom didn't dare go to the hospital though, since the weather has turned so quickly. She did call though, and they said that he was being kept quiet for the day, and that his back was being checked out.

They say that Mom could get the resaults tomorrow, and she's going first thing in the morning. I just hope the weather holds.

- Kim

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday, 5 Dec. 2009

Dad did well today. He was agrravating the nurses by the time Mom and I walked in. We were a bit late, but Mom had told Dad that we would be. She lectured him about it, but Dad only grinned at her in reply.

Once we were there, he was fine. He got some PT today. They moved his legs around, made him exert his muscles. And Dad was able to sit up on the side of  his bed by himself for five minutes. Yay! ^-^

After that he rested, but he wasn't sleepy. He did, at some point, feel some pain in his chest, and was given some Morphine. This, too, did not make him sleepy, to Mom and my surprise. So we stayed in the room with him some more.

He lasted the whole day with us, keeping his eyes on Mom, and smiling my way every now and then. His hands signals are as erratic as ever, but Mom seems to understand him a bit easier now. Oh, and he seems very comfortable with his Trache, and without the pressence of something over his face. They gave him a suction thing, like dentists use, to clean out the stuff he coughs up. He is very amusing with it.

We didn't hear anything from the doctors, but there's tentative plans of getting food into him, and getting him to eat eventually. Maybe some time this week he'll be able to have some jell-o, but we have to just wait and see.

- Kim

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, 4 Dec. 2009

A few days ago the doctors decided to put a Tracheotomy on Dad's neck. The pneumonia he developed has stubbornly remained, and so they flushed out his lungs; to give his throat a rest from all the breathing tubes and oxygen devices (as in, the rush of the cool, pure air passing through his throat constantly) they put the Trache in. It also gives his throat a chance to heal, and him some time to relax and not pull off things such as BiPAPs.

Today Mom says he's feeling better, and that they put in a feeding tube down his throat. They're going to feed him some food to get his bowels moving, and then they will test his swallowing to see if/when he can start eating his own food.

Yay! ^-^

- Kim

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