Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, 4 Dec. 2009

A few days ago the doctors decided to put a Tracheotomy on Dad's neck. The pneumonia he developed has stubbornly remained, and so they flushed out his lungs; to give his throat a rest from all the breathing tubes and oxygen devices (as in, the rush of the cool, pure air passing through his throat constantly) they put the Trache in. It also gives his throat a chance to heal, and him some time to relax and not pull off things such as BiPAPs.

Today Mom says he's feeling better, and that they put in a feeding tube down his throat. They're going to feed him some food to get his bowels moving, and then they will test his swallowing to see if/when he can start eating his own food.

Yay! ^-^

- Kim

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