Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday, 7 Dec. 2009

I visited Dad on Saturday, the day he sat in bed for five minutes straight, and forgot to mention that he not only knew my age, but also the current year were are in (2009). Yay!

Unfortunately, Dad didn't do so well yesterday. Mom says he was disoriented again, like before, and was unsure where he was, who she was, and that kind of same-ole, same-ole. His back was really hurting him for some reason, though.

He had a good sleep, but then they did dope him up for the night. Mom didn't dare go to the hospital though, since the weather has turned so quickly. She did call though, and they said that he was being kept quiet for the day, and that his back was being checked out.

They say that Mom could get the resaults tomorrow, and she's going first thing in the morning. I just hope the weather holds.

- Kim

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