Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday, 12 Dec. 2009

So Mom didn't go to visit Dad today because she promised the kids that she would stay home and decorate with us. But she did call the hospital, of course, and was informed that Dad had been moved from the coronary wing to the infectious disease wing because of the problems with his lungs. Apparently there is moisture, fungus, and who knows what else in there that they can't get rid of. In this new wing, that should change--in other words, they should know how to treat his lungs now.... >.<

As for Dad himself, I only know that yesterday he was slightly panicky, and sad because he thought Mom wouldn't come. He remembered something about when it rained it was dangerous for her to make the drive, and it was quite cloudy yesterday. But when the nurse mentioned how aggitated he was, Mom went down. Once she was there, I believe he was fine. He laughed a bit about how his grandson has chicken pox--he's been there himself, after all. Then again, we're beginning to wonder if he's acting the way he thinks he should, and doesn't actually understand or follow what is happening. But, we'll see.

Anyway, since Mom didn't go down today, we're not sure how Dad's behaving himself. At the same time, we know he's not doing badly, because there haven't been any hospital calls that suggest that.

Mom's definitely going down tomorrow (I'm thinking so long as the weather holds up), so I'll have more to post then. I'll even try to get her to take a camera, so I can get a picture. ^-^

- Kim

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