Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday, 5 Dec. 2009

Dad did well today. He was agrravating the nurses by the time Mom and I walked in. We were a bit late, but Mom had told Dad that we would be. She lectured him about it, but Dad only grinned at her in reply.

Once we were there, he was fine. He got some PT today. They moved his legs around, made him exert his muscles. And Dad was able to sit up on the side of  his bed by himself for five minutes. Yay! ^-^

After that he rested, but he wasn't sleepy. He did, at some point, feel some pain in his chest, and was given some Morphine. This, too, did not make him sleepy, to Mom and my surprise. So we stayed in the room with him some more.

He lasted the whole day with us, keeping his eyes on Mom, and smiling my way every now and then. His hands signals are as erratic as ever, but Mom seems to understand him a bit easier now. Oh, and he seems very comfortable with his Trache, and without the pressence of something over his face. They gave him a suction thing, like dentists use, to clean out the stuff he coughs up. He is very amusing with it.

We didn't hear anything from the doctors, but there's tentative plans of getting food into him, and getting him to eat eventually. Maybe some time this week he'll be able to have some jell-o, but we have to just wait and see.

- Kim

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