Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday, 16 Dec. 2009

{Whoops, I let time fly by without realizing it....}

So, on Sunday, when Mom went to visit that day, the people put a voice thing in his Trache, allowing him to speak. Most patients don't last on that thing for longer than one minute, but Dad managed ten.... Mom was so excited. She said that he knew everything, where we live, what day it was, and other details like that.

Then the step back happened. By now, I have expected these, especially after days Dad has done well. They were slowly weaning him off his breathing machine, shutting the machine for an hour, than two, etc., and letting him breath on his own, but a little at a time. Then they decided to go for twenty-four hours, and afterwards, Dad had some respiratory problems.

Then on Monday, he was given something to help with his bowels--some build up had begun to happen there--which knocked him out for the rest of the day. Tuesday he was given a Morphine drip that kept him out for the majority of that day. Today, the Morphine was gone, but still in his system, and while he would respond to our voices and our presence, he would also regularly dose back into sleep. Not too bad, but it was a bit fusterating for Mom, who'd seen him so himself on Sunday.

He was the same by the time we left.

- Kim

So's here's Dad. He's a got his tummy back, but it's because he's not absorbing some water... Still, he looks a lot better, aside from his pasty complextion. Oh, and he doesn't have his mustache. ^-^

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