Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, 26 Jan. 2010

So, we got a bit of a shock yesterday. Supposedly, Dad's coming home today. So far we've waited all day for equipment and Dad, and haven't seen much of anything. Mom called someone at some point, and finally pinned down a time--somewhere between 5pm and 7pm. It's 5:15pm right now.... We'll see.

But the doctors consider Dad too well to be in a hospital, yet too sick to be in a rehab facility. Their solution was to place him here, and provide him with a 24/7 nurse, who will also be teaching those living with Dad how to take care of him. Eventually, they might even decide we can take care of Dad on our own--but that is a ways down the road (at least).

Anyway. We got a less than 24 hour warning of Dad's arrival, and have had to go through some major changes. Tracey moved out, giving Dad his old room back; Mom and I stayed up late last night scrubbing the room clean, and then this morning we scrubbed the front of the house down as well. Just in case.

More changes may or may not be on the way, but it will be interesting to see how it goes. However. My blog is about Dad being in a hospital. This is no longer the case. I realize many people would like to know how Dad does as he gets better, but I think he's come to a point where I shouldn't have to share everything, or post regularly.

In essence, this is my last post. I doubt I will post again, but an event might happen where I will. But as far as I am concerned....


- Kim

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday, 23 Jan. 2010

Dad's been doing well. His coherency has been improving, and his demeanor has remained fairly upbeat. The nurses say he's a sweetheart, and that he doesn't demand much of anything. Mom says all he ever does is ask for this, that, and then some. ^-^

The only thing that does bother Dad (aside from being in the hospital, of course) is when he's left on his own too long. He gets nervous when he doesn't see anyone around him, but his nurse makes sure to peek her head in fairly often so that he remains calm. And Mom's there as often as she can, which really makes Dad feel better.

That's pretty much all that's been going on lately.

- Kim

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, 17 Jan. 2010

Perhaps surprisingly, Dad's day went really well. Aunt Sandi walked into his room to find him sitting up and waving at her cheerfully.

Once Mom got there, both of them decided to ask Dad if he wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa. They explained the situation to him, recounting the way they had agitated him in his condition, and the way the doctors had expressed the desire for them not to visit. Once they had, Aunt Sandi asked him if he wanted to see their parents.

Dad's response was to shrug, nonchalantly. Now, to me, that's a complete Dad-Response. But Aunt Sandi and Mom were confused, and asked him if he understood what they was talking about. His next response is also completely his--he looked at them with "duh, of course I do". ^-^

So Mom pins him down about it, and Dad starts mouthing "one". Then he pointed to his Trache, and mouthed the word "month". They translated that to mean something like, after a month goes by, when he no longer has a Trache and can talk, then he'll be willing to visit with them.

Dad nodded when they said this back at him, and with that matter solved, it was a definite lighter visit. They talked, joked, and laughed with Dad, and altogether had a pleasant time.

- Kim

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, 15 Jan. 2010

Today Mom got a call from the hospital at 3 in the morning to learn that Dad was having a panic attack, and that it was putting him into respitary failure. She left quickly to go calm him down, something that didn't fully happen until five hours later.

He is definitely on the Trache machine now. To clarify, the Trache was never taken out; the machine was simply turned off. If it had been taken out, it would have been akin to a surgery, and it would mean the hole would have healed over. To avoid both of that and the need to make a new hole, the medical staff leaves the Trache in, but turns the machine that breaths for Dad off.

Last I heard he's sleeping quietly, probably due to drugs, but I don't recall if that is the case. I'll post again tomorrow once we see how is after this episode.

- Kim

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, 11 Jan. 2010

Today started off good and ends even better. 

Mom called the hospital to see how Dad was today, and found him awake and aware. Not only that, but he had the talking thing in his Trache, and was able to speak with Mom on the phone. She said it was awesome, and she was so excited she had to call me.  He didn't say much, just "Hi" when she greeted him, "Okay" when she asked how he was--but it was enough to know he is still somewhere in there. At least a bit.

Mom's car is funky again, and she was going to use the van to drive down to see him, but had to wait for me to bring the kids home with it. As she waited, she got a call.

Dad's being transferred today. Whoop! Mom's excited, and everyone else, too; even as I type, I believe Dad is in transit, and will probably arrive at the new hospital by dinner time.

We're waiting to hear word on that, and I will probably post about it tomorrow. Woot! ^-^

- Kim

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday, 9 Jan. 2010

Mom walked into Dad's room today to find him sitting in a pool of his own blood. He'd pulled out his catheter again. There had been a sitter in the room with him, who was there so the nurse could go on break.

The sitter had managed not to notice anything, but Mom reported that the pool of blood around his left hip was 'good-sized', and should have been in her line of sight. The sitter sought a nurse to tend to Dad when Mom pointed this out to her.

Mom found out quickly that Dad had also pulled out his rectal tube about a half-hour earlier, as well.

The rest of the day went more quietly, but Mom was very unhappy with this one's start....

- Kim

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday, 8 Jan. 2010

Dad's doing well. Recently they began weaning him off of the oxygen machine from early in the morning (say, 8 or 9 o'clock) to sometime in the afternoon (about 2 or 3 o'clock, maybe later). They've been keeping that up pretty well, and his progress seems to be holding steady.

Dad's hands are restrained again, and he even has mittens on sometimes to prevent him from pulling things. Earlier in the week, his nurse asked him, "If I take these [mitts] off, do you promise not to pull anything out?" and he nodded. Moments later, as she was looking over his dressing, she glanced up to see him swinging the nasal feeding tube around in circles. The nurse said he had a pleased and smug look on his face even as she lectured him. Until she said, "I'm going to tell your wife." Then he became sheepish and guilty, and he even shook his head 'No'. You can bet the nurse did, though, and that Mom had a talking-to with him. ^-^

Yesterday, I think, Dad underwent a minor surgery to have a feeding tube inserted directly into his stomach. No more pulling out the nasal tube, anyway. Now his attention will focus on other things.

So far today it's been good. He's been off of the breathing thing since eight this morning, and it's now 11:30am----three and a half hours so far. His nurse is one who is familiar with him, and who knows to tell him to calm down every so often. The same thing Mom's been doing/saying/telling people and Dad since this whole thing began. Finally, someone who gets it. =D

We're still waiting for a bed. Everything but that is ready to go, and Mom's starting to get antsy. Even Dad wants it to happen, and I doubt his memory is all that good right now. But it's getting better. Mom can't get away with as much as she could before. ^-^

That's it for now. Not much change, and there probably won't be much change for some time. I'll update when I can, but if there's not really any change, there's also not really anything for me to say.

- Kim

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, 3 Jan. 2010

Here's to the start of the new year:

Dad's doing well lately. He's being weaned off of the drugs slowly but steadily, and off of the Trache.

He seems as normal as he can be. Today it was Chris, Mom, and I who visited him, and he seemed to respond well to our presences. He eyed Chris in some confused suspicion, but otherwise chuckled when he could at some remarks. He'd pulled his feeding tube out of his nose again, and they didn't both to replace it while we were there.

His greatest accomplishment of the day was breathing steadily for forty-five minutes straight on his own. His vitals stayed pretty even, and his attention didn't waver as much as it can.

There's no concrete news about his transport, just the same-ole, same-ole about no room. The doctor's here like to avoid Mom like the plague, and she just smiles and wishes Dad was already transported.

Here's a pic of Dad to start off the New Year. He was willing to smile even. 

- Kim

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