Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, 15 Jan. 2010

Today Mom got a call from the hospital at 3 in the morning to learn that Dad was having a panic attack, and that it was putting him into respitary failure. She left quickly to go calm him down, something that didn't fully happen until five hours later.

He is definitely on the Trache machine now. To clarify, the Trache was never taken out; the machine was simply turned off. If it had been taken out, it would have been akin to a surgery, and it would mean the hole would have healed over. To avoid both of that and the need to make a new hole, the medical staff leaves the Trache in, but turns the machine that breaths for Dad off.

Last I heard he's sleeping quietly, probably due to drugs, but I don't recall if that is the case. I'll post again tomorrow once we see how is after this episode.

- Kim

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