Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday, 8 Jan. 2010

Dad's doing well. Recently they began weaning him off of the oxygen machine from early in the morning (say, 8 or 9 o'clock) to sometime in the afternoon (about 2 or 3 o'clock, maybe later). They've been keeping that up pretty well, and his progress seems to be holding steady.

Dad's hands are restrained again, and he even has mittens on sometimes to prevent him from pulling things. Earlier in the week, his nurse asked him, "If I take these [mitts] off, do you promise not to pull anything out?" and he nodded. Moments later, as she was looking over his dressing, she glanced up to see him swinging the nasal feeding tube around in circles. The nurse said he had a pleased and smug look on his face even as she lectured him. Until she said, "I'm going to tell your wife." Then he became sheepish and guilty, and he even shook his head 'No'. You can bet the nurse did, though, and that Mom had a talking-to with him. ^-^

Yesterday, I think, Dad underwent a minor surgery to have a feeding tube inserted directly into his stomach. No more pulling out the nasal tube, anyway. Now his attention will focus on other things.

So far today it's been good. He's been off of the breathing thing since eight this morning, and it's now 11:30am----three and a half hours so far. His nurse is one who is familiar with him, and who knows to tell him to calm down every so often. The same thing Mom's been doing/saying/telling people and Dad since this whole thing began. Finally, someone who gets it. =D

We're still waiting for a bed. Everything but that is ready to go, and Mom's starting to get antsy. Even Dad wants it to happen, and I doubt his memory is all that good right now. But it's getting better. Mom can't get away with as much as she could before. ^-^

That's it for now. Not much change, and there probably won't be much change for some time. I'll update when I can, but if there's not really any change, there's also not really anything for me to say.

- Kim

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