Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, 11 Jan. 2010

Today started off good and ends even better. 

Mom called the hospital to see how Dad was today, and found him awake and aware. Not only that, but he had the talking thing in his Trache, and was able to speak with Mom on the phone. She said it was awesome, and she was so excited she had to call me.  He didn't say much, just "Hi" when she greeted him, "Okay" when she asked how he was--but it was enough to know he is still somewhere in there. At least a bit.

Mom's car is funky again, and she was going to use the van to drive down to see him, but had to wait for me to bring the kids home with it. As she waited, she got a call.

Dad's being transferred today. Whoop! Mom's excited, and everyone else, too; even as I type, I believe Dad is in transit, and will probably arrive at the new hospital by dinner time.

We're waiting to hear word on that, and I will probably post about it tomorrow. Woot! ^-^

- Kim

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