Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, 17 Jan. 2010

Perhaps surprisingly, Dad's day went really well. Aunt Sandi walked into his room to find him sitting up and waving at her cheerfully.

Once Mom got there, both of them decided to ask Dad if he wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa. They explained the situation to him, recounting the way they had agitated him in his condition, and the way the doctors had expressed the desire for them not to visit. Once they had, Aunt Sandi asked him if he wanted to see their parents.

Dad's response was to shrug, nonchalantly. Now, to me, that's a complete Dad-Response. But Aunt Sandi and Mom were confused, and asked him if he understood what they was talking about. His next response is also completely his--he looked at them with "duh, of course I do". ^-^

So Mom pins him down about it, and Dad starts mouthing "one". Then he pointed to his Trache, and mouthed the word "month". They translated that to mean something like, after a month goes by, when he no longer has a Trache and can talk, then he'll be willing to visit with them.

Dad nodded when they said this back at him, and with that matter solved, it was a definite lighter visit. They talked, joked, and laughed with Dad, and altogether had a pleasant time.

- Kim

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