Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, 3 Jan. 2010

Here's to the start of the new year:

Dad's doing well lately. He's being weaned off of the drugs slowly but steadily, and off of the Trache.

He seems as normal as he can be. Today it was Chris, Mom, and I who visited him, and he seemed to respond well to our presences. He eyed Chris in some confused suspicion, but otherwise chuckled when he could at some remarks. He'd pulled his feeding tube out of his nose again, and they didn't both to replace it while we were there.

His greatest accomplishment of the day was breathing steadily for forty-five minutes straight on his own. His vitals stayed pretty even, and his attention didn't waver as much as it can.

There's no concrete news about his transport, just the same-ole, same-ole about no room. The doctor's here like to avoid Mom like the plague, and she just smiles and wishes Dad was already transported.

Here's a pic of Dad to start off the New Year. He was willing to smile even. 

- Kim

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