Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, 26 Jan. 2010

So, we got a bit of a shock yesterday. Supposedly, Dad's coming home today. So far we've waited all day for equipment and Dad, and haven't seen much of anything. Mom called someone at some point, and finally pinned down a time--somewhere between 5pm and 7pm. It's 5:15pm right now.... We'll see.

But the doctors consider Dad too well to be in a hospital, yet too sick to be in a rehab facility. Their solution was to place him here, and provide him with a 24/7 nurse, who will also be teaching those living with Dad how to take care of him. Eventually, they might even decide we can take care of Dad on our own--but that is a ways down the road (at least).

Anyway. We got a less than 24 hour warning of Dad's arrival, and have had to go through some major changes. Tracey moved out, giving Dad his old room back; Mom and I stayed up late last night scrubbing the room clean, and then this morning we scrubbed the front of the house down as well. Just in case.

More changes may or may not be on the way, but it will be interesting to see how it goes. However. My blog is about Dad being in a hospital. This is no longer the case. I realize many people would like to know how Dad does as he gets better, but I think he's come to a point where I shouldn't have to share everything, or post regularly.

In essence, this is my last post. I doubt I will post again, but an event might happen where I will. But as far as I am concerned....


- Kim

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